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Michaelangelo's Pizza & Subs

Restaurant in Jacksonville  

Moderately Priced Restaurant based at 2200 Gum Branch Road, Jacksonville, NC 28540

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Price level Moderately Priced
Address 2200 Gum Branch Road, Jacksonville, NC 28540
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Phone number +1 910-938-7070

Opening hours Closed now. Today: 10:00 am — 09:45 pm

Sunday 11:00 am — 08:45 pm
Monday 10:00 am — 09:15 pm
Tuesday 10:00 am — 09:15 pm
Wednesday 10:00 am — 09:15 pm
Thursday 10:00 am — 09:15 pm
Friday 10:00 am — 09:45 pm
Saturday 10:00 am — 09:45 pm


Reviews about Michaelangelo's Pizza & Subs

  • 1 / 5
    By Sarah Kenna
    I placed an order yesterday for a Stromboli with bacon and instead received a Stromboli with banana peppers. Not a big deal, but I had to leave for work and couldn't wait around for them to send out a new order. So I called and after some hemming and hawing finally got them to agree to send it out today. When I called today the manager was too busy to talk and the guy on the phone was very rude. He did not want to deliver it because it was less than there normal delivery even though it was a delivery that they were fixing (and my original order was above the delivery amount) . Then he finally said fine, address, phone number, and "okay our driver will get there when he gets there" seriously? I didn't mess the order up, I have been polite and patient but instead of apologizing or being eager to fix it I get treated like a pain in the butt. I don't trust the food now of course so this Stromboli is going in the trash and I will never order from them again. I will also make sure the 15-20 people who I have turned on to them hear about this and that when we do our company lunches we will start ordering from a less expensive, friendlier pizza place. Stromboli-6.50, losing a regular customer- priceless.
    May 24, 2017
  • 3 / 5
    By Anime Gamer
    The prices are decent. The food ranges from barely palatable to pretty good depending on what you order. The cheese pizza is alright. The sausage pizza is better when you add mushrooms. The meatball subs aren't all that great. The fried mushrooms and the French fries are barely edible, even with ranch sauce or ketchup. The ravioli is alright if you like bland taste. The service is friendly, but ordering delivery can be difficult. Unless you keep asking them to repeat your order, you could have some items wrong or missing. The Italian sub is really delicious. If you want your moneys worth, I suggest you eat in for their all you can eat slices of pizza.
    May 09, 2017
  • 2 / 5
    By Stephen Thomson
    Pizza wasn't reheated enough, but since I hadn't eaten all day, still ate after getting in my Jeep on way back to work. However, I will not be coming back.

    Pizza is displayed at counter and reheated when ordered. Nothing special, but I would recommend staying there, so they can rewarm if not hot.
    February 22, 2017
  • 1 / 5
    By Julian Berrios
    I'm writing on behalf of myself and my wife. We have been loyal customers of this store for a long time because we believe it's the best pizza in Jacksonville NC. However, as of 02/23/2017, we are considering taking our business elsewhere because the pizza my wife and I ordered for dinner was half-assed and sloppy. Wd ordered a large half-chesese/half-supreme pizza and what did we get? A large half-chesese/half-pepperoni pizza with a few extra toppings lazily placed on top and it was delivered to us cold. I am beyond pissed off that we wasted our money on this garbage dinner and might never purchase another pizza from this location ever again. Thank you for making my wife and I actually hate your food.
    February 19, 2017
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Michaelangelo's Pizza & Subs is a moderately priced restaurant based in Jacksonville, North Carolina. To learn the menu, call the phone number indicated on the website.

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